NeuroEdge® Coaching can help you achieve long-held goals and dreams.


If you’re looking to perform at your best—in business, academics, athletics, or the performing arts—the personal coaching approach of NeuroEdge® founder Jennifer Shipley, combined with the cutting-edge technology of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, is your secret weapon. 

Using neurofeedback in conjunction with professional coaching is a more powerful combination than either method alone, and allows you even greater progress toward achieving your goals, or greater hope to those who feel helplessly stuck in chronic conditions. As your personal coach, I will work with you to overcome your unique challenges and achieve the outcomes your desire, while the neurofeedback will gently challenge your brain to develop the neural pathways it needs for better balance (resilience) and functioning (performance).

NeuroEdge® Coaching helps great people be extraordinary. 



You already possess everything you need to achieve "the good life." NeuroEdge® Founder Jennifer Shipley will partner with you to draw out untapped potential to make an exceptional life a reality. Whether an ambitious student, a competitive athlete, a creative artist, or an experienced executive, coaching with Jennifer helps you achieve your goals. 

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Neurofeedback = effortless exercise for your brain. And when it comes to improving your quality of life or reaching for peak performance, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is a game changer. Your brainjust like your bodycan be trained to operate more efficiently, which leads to greater performance and focus. 

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