In this short film, members of the Ford family describe how NeurOptimal® neurofeedback made them better individuals and a closer family.

Valerie's ten-year-old son, Harrison, struggled with anxiety. See what happened after he started brain-training with NeurOptimal®.

Neurofeedback brain training is 100% safe for kids. Regular brain training with a neurofeedback system like NeurOptimal® offers an alternative for parents who want to avoid prescription drugs and the labeling stigma of a specific diagnosis for their children. "Do it for the kids!"

Rae Tattenbaum, a mentor among NeurOptimal® Trainers, discusses neurofeedback training for kids with ADHD.

Angela talks about stress, frustration and then ultimately, calm. Watch this mom describe the radical transformation that occurred within her family when she tried NeurOptimal® Brain Training.

Dr. Valdean Brown, co-developer of the NeurOptimal® brain training system, discusses using neurofeedback to up his golf game.