Testimonials from Our Clients

I’m feeling a little more positive, like I can believe I’ll have more success, I’m more hopeful. I used to feel anxious at school but now I’m less scared in situations where I’m usually scared. I’m feeling more confident.
— Aaron, age 14

I’m more efficient with time. I’m more patient and more tolerant... less easily annoyed and irritated.

Coaching has helped my relationship with my mom. I’m more organized, and I pick up around the house. I put away more things now. I even swept yesterday; I’m keeping things cleaner.
— Kaleb, age 16

Last year, my son’s behavior had me visiting the principal’s office every month of the school year. This week, after just 5 sessions with Jennifer, Evan got the best grade for conduct at school – twice!

After his 9th session, he woke up and, for the first time in his life, told me that he was just so happy and that he knew today would be wonderful.
— Mother of Evan, age 7

The benefits I have received from Neurofeedback and Jennifer’s coaching are immeasurable. Jennifer has a way of bringing to the surface your best vision of yourself so that you can see it, feel it and achieve it. I sleep better, I am sharper and my mind is clear. I highly recommend Jennifer’s coaching and NeurOptimal neurofeedback for anyone who wants to live an exceptional life.
— Debra C.

Jennifer is great at what she does, not only because of everything she knows, but also because of who she is... She was a breath of fresh air and a kick in the ass.
— Russell S., Entrepreneur
I strongly recommend Jennifer to anyone—her insights and counsel helped me forge a path from where I was to where I wanted to be. Her combination of coaching and neurofeedback is simply unbeatable.
— Barry G., Award-Winning Filmmaker

“Our daughter bites her nails to self-soothe and has a lot of fears: she is terrified of dogs, comes into our bed two out of three nights, and has a hard time playing in a different room from mommy. After working with Jennifer, Nicki is starting to sleep through the night and stay in her own bed, and—as she proudly shows us—her nails have grown (no more nail biting!). She looks forward to sessions and says she loves Jennifer!”
— Mother of Nicki, age 5

I was under a lot of stress and wasn’t able to sleep through the night. But after several sessions, I’m back! I’m better able to cope with stress and am now sleeping soundly through the night. As an added benefit, I’m able to focus better at work, which has really improved my presentation skills. I highly recommend working with Jennifer!
— Christine P., Attorney

Working with Jenn over the past year has changed my life. In terms of my career, she helped me to achieve my dream job, I’ve doubled my income, and my quality of life has improved a great deal. But perhaps most importantly, Jenn has touched me on a deep and personal level; she acted as a genuine pillar of support through times of frustration, and initiated one of those rare changes in outlook that only happens a few times in a lifetime.
— Chris S., Google Employee